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Sile Blush Shirt Tunic

$117.00 $156.00

An incredibly versatile piece! This is a light, flowy tunic with a stylish band collar, making the piece casually formal yet comfortable for wear. It can be worn with its shell buttons closed all the way as a dress or a top with a skirt or pants under it. It can also be worn as a thin cover-up with its buttons open. It comes in 5 of our Sile fabric colors! Its fabric is 100% cotton and would protect from the wind on a summer night. Designed for convenience and elegance, without gender.

Hand-loomed from organic cotton, washed in the sea, dried on the sand, the fabric of the dress has durability and unique soft texture, letting the gauzy Sile fabric breathe and touch the skin lightly.

Color: Blush
Size: One size fits all
Width: 25" / 0.64 mt
Length: 43" / 1.1 mt

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