Our Story

Monique stands proudly as a women-owned resort wear brand, where every piece in our collection boasts 100% linen and cotton craftsmanship. Rooted in the rich inspirations drawn from the Mediterranean, we blend French sophistication, Turkish fabrics, and the essence of Mediterranean lifestyle into each unique, bold, and elegant creation.

Our collections exude authenticity, featuring artisanal products sourced from diverse corners of the globe. We firmly believe in the universal right to a life filled with beauty, from a well-adorned home to the perfect outfits and unique gifts. For us, goods serve as the threads weaving connections between people, places, and cherished memories, with beauty acting as a profound expression of love.

Discover the allure of Monique's latest selections and infuse your life with the essence of the Mediterranean. Follow us as we unveil the chapters of our story, where style meets substance, and authenticity reigns supreme.

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